Saturday, November 24, 2012

Love Is...

While driving with a friend one night, she posed a question that caught me off-guard: 

Friend: "Eh Sol, paano ko malalaman kung mahal ko siya?" 

I was so tempted to quickly reply "Basta you'll know" or the slumbook answer: "Love is like a babolgam (bubblegum), kung mupilit, makabuang". Relate much? Though I know deep inside there's a better answer to that. And with the bevy of vehicles trying to cut my way along Ayala, 1 Corinthians 13 crossed my mind... and thus I replied:

Me: "If you can love the person according to 1 Corinthians 13"

So presenting the 15 ways to love. Love is...

1. Patient
2. Kind
3. Without Envy
4.  It is not boastful
5. It is not arrogant 
6. It is not ill-mannered
7. Does not seek its own interest
8. Overcomes anger
9.  Forgets offenses
10.Does not delight in wrong
11. Rejoices in truth
12. Excuses everything
13. Believes all things
14. Hopes al things
15. Endures all things

This to me is the best definition of love. And while we were going through this chapter one day, Person A pointed out to me a line "And when what is perfect comes, everything imperfect will pass away." 

I can't share enough how I love this bible verse.

Happy Thanksgiving weekend! 

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