Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Royal Affair

I want to watch.

Because according to Mary Pols of Time MagazineIt happens every November, along with the constancy of desire to make a better cranberry sauce: I get costume drama cravings. I’ve yet to see either of this year’s mainstream offerings—Joe Wright’s Anna Karenina and Tom Hooper’s aggressively star-studded Les Miserables—so I can’t speak to how they’ll fulfill those cravings. But Denmark’s A Royal Affair, opening this week in limited release, is a slam dunk in the genre, satisfying every period piece craving: torrid affair, mad king, bastard child, throngs at the palace gates and a history lesson that will be fresh to many. "

Caroline Mathilde of Great Britain was Queen consort of King Christian VII of Denmark and Norway, from 1766 to 1772. She had an affair with the Royal physician, was divorced from the King and exiled to Hanover. Her lover was executed. Hopefully it will be shown in Manila.

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