Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Donut Love

In 5 days, 3 individuals have told me that my face is getting really small. If you're perplexed, I am a little girl so it follows that I have a small-sized face. However, I will take it a notch higher  by saying that I have an exceptionally small face which I heard, faces this size look okay on television, hence TV personalities tend to have really small faces. Haha! Yabangan na!

Anyway, back to my friends. The first one was a colleague who saw me in the hallway. Another friend commented on my recent Facebook-uploaded photo 

and the last group were Person A's friends who asked him if I embarked on a diet again (or something like that).

I've been maintaining my 2-year lifestyle (run and minimal red meat) and cheating more often. These days, I've been cheating with the donut - which Person A pointed out some years ago - is my favorite. 

In the same 5 day-span, I lined up for an hour to buy my first box of J.Co donut. This photo actually captures 2 professional-looking women fighting over the donuts at the counter. Seriously!??! 

I can't help but order an extra donut and tried it before paying the bill. 

J.Co is soft but I think it's over-rated. I first saw this in Indonesia and was never enticed to try it until I got curious why people line up and fight for it.

Two days later, I had donuts for breakfast. 

Yummy hotel donut!

And lastly, just this lunch I passed by this donut stall after my bank errand.

I shared with my colleagues the donut fight that I witnessed last week and that had me craving for some since yesterday. So today, I seized my dream and ordered chocolate-coated donut.

Ahhh... donut love. I love them so much that I can't help but take a bite before I can even pay or take a picture of them. So consistent of me.

As for my weight, honestly, I am gaining mass. Maybe my fats are turning themselves into muscles (how I wish!) or maybe I am wearing hip-waist-flattering clothes (how I wish, again!) but I think the culprit for my seemingly smaller face is my bangs.

Because the Korean hairstylist and I had a miscommunication. I instructed her to cut my hair instead she gave me bangs.

Of course, I am kidding. 

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