Sunday, November 4, 2012

Aloe Vera Juice

For the longest time (3 months!), this bottle has been sitting in my refrigerator.

I bought it because I am curious of the aloe vera gel that milk tea shops are serving. It must be good, then. Plus, aloe vera is known to aid in weight loss, digestion and boost immune system. However, Google searches are quick to point out that there's no scientific evidence of this claim. In fact mice who drank aloe vera juice developed tumor in their digestive system. 


After mustering the courage to finally try it, I found out that it does taste good! It tastes like melon candy - less sweetened. It's also very refreshing. It's great with light meals. I tried this bottle with Spanish sardines and rice.

I just can't erase the thought in my mind that my parents used to apply aloe vera on their scalp to treat dandruff. 


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