Sunday, November 18, 2012


My camera died a natural death after some yearssss of documenting what I eat, how I feel and where I go. Maybe it died a glorious death. In death, it refuses to close its "eye" and immortalized itself in this manner.

And so last month, I scoured for the perfect replacement and voila, fresh from the land of laksa, meet S110.

It is the size of a pocket camera but one retailer at Glorietta 5 tags it as a "Professional Point and Shoot".

Say what?

I haven't taken a lot of photos and I haven't read the manual yet but take a look at the photos I snapped of the Ferrari Lego car I built some nights ago.

The Lego pieces.

Step 5.


Finished product on my bed.

Finished product on my desk.

Amazing photo quality, right? It was a toss up between a Panasonic LX5 or the S110 because I need something portable - clutch portable - that is, but takes SLR-quality photos. The 2 have very good reviews but what made me decide to get the S110 over the other is the higher megapixel, better video quality and more compact design.

Here I am exploring more of its function yesterday.

I think I made a good choice.


  1. I think you're really a Canon girl, sowls. just like how you like your apple products, also. us girls are predictable like that. :D - natty

  2. Ate Natty! I missed this comment -(",)-*wink* You're probably right, I am a Canon girl. But I really love it over the other choices. Anyway, we love our products much like we love our routines! :)

    Wazzup this long weekend?



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