Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Flower Girl

Last Monday, this bouquet was laid out on the passenger seat.

Pretty, pretty spring flowers. It has all my favorites: stargazers, gerberas, carnations, roses kulang na lang hydrangeas, peonies at phalaenopsis, kumpleto na.

This bouquet is not for me. In fact, I bought it to brighten the day of one woman I admire and aspire to be: my aunt, Tita Day.

A word of advice, flowers never fail to make a woman happy. Ika nga, nakakahaba ng buhok. You can never give enough flowers. Trust me. Research on the type of flowers your girl (woman) likes. Is she the roses type? The tulip girl? Does she love carnations or gerberas? Does she squeal with the smell of the stargazers or is she an orchid sophisticate?

Person A knows that I am not big on mums, I am not always in the mood for roses but I appreciate a bunch of baby's breath. Again, ang arte ko lang!

You may also want to know if she appreciates the typical bouquet or does she want it in a bunch.

Iba na ang pinag-isipan.

Because I don't know where to park if I head to Dangwa on my own, I opted to get the flowers at Market! Market! The price is about thrice to that in Dangwa but there's already a good selection from the 7 shops in the strip. There are ~ 200 or more shops in Dangwa. The florists are also good at making arrangements.

I would have opted for this, not your typical bouquet, but it's beyond my budget.

Parang ghetto Gaita Fores lang. Emphasis on the ghetto.

As for the bouquet, I had it sprinkled with water to retain its freshness in the summer heat!

Before delivering it to Las Pinas.

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