Sunday, April 8, 2012

Let's take a break...

… and stop discussing about Sagada.

I’ve been itching to get a foot spa and pedicure because my feet and toes badly need one. It’s so dirty that Shrek’s stinkin’ feet and toes would pale in comparison to what I’ve got.

Okay, O.A!

In a once in a blue-moon (read: annual) phenomenon, I was able to convince my singkwenta-lang-ang-pedicure-sa-parlor-sa-Caloocan boyfriend to a “bestfriend bonding” salon trip to get a pedicure.

While browsing a magazine I read an interesting article which I thought of sharing with everyone.

Not the main criteria.

Check. Check. Check.

I always get asked why I need to bring my 2 moisturizers for a trip. And I always love that he can efficiently pack things and he carries all the bags.

Some of the benefits of being a little girl.

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