Saturday, April 7, 2012

Hot Dogs of Sagada

It is hard not to notice the dogs in Sagada. Although they were not tied (read: mukhang asong gala), most of them are lean and toned. No skinny ones. 

These dogs are used to climbing stairs and going up and down the hill - the most likely reason of the toned physique. Hot sila. Kaya Hot Dog. 


They are also very friendly and are used to people. While we were waiting for a ride to Bomod-ok, a dog just approached us and kept us company in exchange for a head pat and fur brush.

I christened him Biggie.

A huge one.

He was with us for an hour and even accompanied us to the jeepney. I was hoping it will ride the jeep with us. I adopted him for the duration of our stay.

They're generally hairy, to better protect them from the cold(?).

A guide asked me why I keep on taking photos of dogs. I told him I love dogs. He aptly warned me that people from Sagada don't keep them as pets. They can be a food source. Person A asked where he can get one (I won't join him), some restaurants serve it on Wednesdays.

I don't agree with the practice but I respect the culture.

Heres another toned dog.

Person A keeps on teasing me that instead of naming the dogs Biggie, Brownie, Hairy, Smiley, just name them Stewy, Curry, Grilly, Roasty... or Wednesday.

Just for kicks.

He loves dogs too and would just love to see me frown and give him the stare.

A calm one

And an extra friendly dog at Masferre Inn

Here's a rug.

And a huge jet black Lab.

Guess who showed up at the bus station to bid us goodbye.


We were so happy to meet him at 6 in the morning. I even brought bread just in case he'll show up. I am missing you now dear.

Hope to meet you when I get back and hope you make more travelers happy.


  1. Hi! I love this post. Biggie's real name is Raffy, though we named him Asiong when we met him. :D

    1. Thank you -(",)-*wink* wow, so you met Raffy, too? I hoping travelers take care of him -(",)-*wink*

      P.S. You're blog is cool -(",)-*wink*



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