Saturday, October 1, 2011

On Rescued Dogs and Saffron Robes

Earlier this afternoon, I chanced upon these chihuahuas. 

If I may say, this bunch is probably the cutest beggars in the world. Except for that one little fellow who's trying hard to fit in. 

So how's this trip been going so far? 

I say it's a blast! 

Met the friendliest golden retriever with the shiniest coat. 

Got myself a bespoke suit 

Stalked the saffron-clothed monk

Chanced upon a squirrel while exploring the city and well ... stalking the monks. 

Ate almost anything and everything. That includes chrysanthemum juice which is simply flower-flavored water

Tried chili, pepper and ginger ice cream

And of course, in honor of Sheldon Cooper, I had pad thai... almost every single day.

I can't wait to share this wonderful trip. The city is awesome, the food is great and the people are extremely nice.

Even Ronald is this polite.

I totally understand why everyone loves this place. 

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