Sunday, October 9, 2011

Happy Birthday

Exactly one year today, I typed my first entry in this blog! If you know me, I’ve been chronicling my life online since 2006. I am not really sure why I am doing this, probably I like to talk a lot and given that I am usually on my own, this is the best form of conversation I can get. Second, I want to document my life and blogging is a fun way to do it. Lastly, I like to share pieces of information that I find interesting. You might notice that what I “write” about is my life experiences but if you look closely, I try to do a bit of research so that when you take time to read my entries, you pick up a thing or two for your own perusal.

Happy Birthday Maybe She's That Girl!

What are my take-aways so far?

1. It’s not all about me! I learned that for people to appreciate your thoughts they have to relate to what you’re saying and there should be something in it for them. As much as I can, I try to research on what I share so that I make the time of my few readers worthwhile.

2. I have sponsors! This was a pleasant surprise to me. It came sooner than I expected for it to happen.  The gratification can’t even pay for a month’s internet connection but it made me happy. I find it as a form of validation of my blogging gig. That … and I found out too that some people indeed google my name ( hence they are led to my blog) and Person A’s name too. May future maging sikat!

3. Your comments make me happy. I always feel humbled when a friend tells me that he/she reads my blog or when someone I am not acquainted with say something to Person A about what I’ve written. I can’t thank you enough for reading my blog much more taking the time to tell me that you appreciate it. I once remember in January when I was too tired to blog on a Friday evening, Person A told me, you cannot let your 4 regular readers down. That was the time when I have four regular hits on a no-post day. We’ve improved hits (a bit) since then and I thank you for that. –(“,)-*wink*

I am not sure where this blog will go. It doesn’t even have a theme! It’s sometimes a food blog, it’s a travel blog and it’s an all about me blog. There must be a good reason why the category lifestyle blog has been born.  

I am not a writer, I hate to admit this but I don’t really plan out what I write and I don’t even check my grammar (bad, bad blogger). Again, I am simply happy to chronicle my life and hopefully this blog evolves with me.

So *cheers* to a good run this year and let’s raise our glass to a new year of Maybe She’s That Girl.

I am humbled and grateful. 

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