Monday, October 31, 2011

Shopping For The Little Miss

Person A has the cutest godchild: Leila Asyd.

For her 2nd birthday, I was requested to get a dress. I asked how much the budget is, Person A's reply: "Kahit ano"

Tip #1: If you want Person A to shell out for you, you gotta be cute ... really, really cute. Good thing I belong to this category (Bawal kumontra, blog ko 'to) =P

Kids these days are lucky, they don't have to put up with the lacy frou frous that I had to put up with 20 years ago.

Makati, 'te, at mainit pa!

I've mastered the art of shopping for toddlers and baby clothes. There are a lot of choices from Debenham's, Zara and Gap Kids, if you don't mind splurging a bit. Local brands carry good lines as well. Periwinkle, Bayo Kids, and there are scores if you visit Rustan's or any reputable department stores.

While going around  I came across these dresses that I can imagine our Lei to be in

Lovely shade of purple 

I love the floral print and the blue satin ribbon and piping.

In the end, I settled for this, a more practical yet stylish dress for the princess.

The princess has equally adorable friends.

Lady-like Sofia hugging her friend Jaomi.

Beautiful Betty

And a very cute Kirsten who participated in the longest greeting contest ala "Happy Birthday Leiiiiiii.......lllllllaaaaaaa....." 

but proclaimed the words "I Love You  Mommy" instead when she was handed the microphone.


Remember the Scottish boy who stole my heart?

He was at the party as well.

How can you not love kids?

P.S. Photo not by Maybe She's That Girl is from this link

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