Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Architectural Digest

While waiting for Person A, I went around a magazine shop and contemplated on purchasing this magazine. 

Because my Uncle is featured in this issue.

My chica Uncle who doesn't know I exist. 

He has been the creative director of Chanel, heads Fendi and his own fashion label and he is also a celebrated photographer. 

Jack of all trades, Master of Everything! 

Obviously, he shot this campaign.

Seriously, I  had no intent to buy a magazine but I really wanted my very first copy of Architectural Digest for the reason that it's THE international magazine of interior design. This magazine is published by Conde Naste Publications, the publisher of Vogue. 

Indeed, I love the lighter, open interiors and sleeker graphic style - as described by Wikipedia.

I haven't thoroughly leafed through the pages yet since life is currently happening around me. I am not complaining.

Such beautiful page(s)...

Again, libre mangarap. And this is so much better than accumulating copies of Yes! magazine. Been there, done that... for 3 years! In the end, Person A bought the magazine since I can't decide for myself (more of, naawa na siguro sa bata). I find the magazine on the expensive side but I think it's nice to own a few copies of these... get it (save up for it!) once a quarter, mayhaps?

In theory, kuripot talaga ako at ... chismosa. 

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