Monday, October 17, 2011

The PANEManian

Today I got my Panem Citizen Card. 

Uh-huh! I am officially a PANEManian. For those who are not familiar, Panem is where The Hunger Games is set, post - apocaplyptic America. Panem consists of a wealthy Capitol and 12 surrounding, poorer districts. The Hunger Game is an annual televised event where the Capitol forces each district to field one boy and one girl for a massive televised battle in which each contestant fight it out to be the sole living survivor. The Hunger Games were conceived by the Capitol in the aftermath of a rebellion known as the Dark Days. The main purpose is to assert their control and power over the 12 Districts.

So I am a citizen of District 6. The main industry of the district is transportation, explaining my role as a Router. The rest of the districts have their own industry to cater the needs of the flamboyant Capitol.

The heroine of the three-book series is Katniss Everdeen, who against all odds survive the cruel Games in The Hunger Games (Book 1), inspired an uprising in Catching Fire (Book 2) and freed Panem from the clutches of the Capitol in Mockingjay (Book 3).

This is a brilliant marketing campaign for the March 2012 release of the movie.

Touted as the next to inherit the Twilight series success in the cinemas, I am betting Hunger Games will make it big next year. 

Should you be interested, the three-book series is engaging - in a tweener kind of way.

If you want to get your Panem Identification Card, go to this link.

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