Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Room Scents

Room scents are not only great to create the mood of a space but also to mask unwanted smell. These come in the form of scented candles, oils, sprays and reed diffusers. My preference is reed diffuser as it normally give delicate scent to the area where you put it. The downside, you need to put a lot of them as its radius of diffusing the scent is normally just a few feet.

I am not picky with the brand but I always like it delicate and floral. Here's the reed diffuser that is currently in my bathroom. I bought it at a random shop in Perth.

I'd like to believe that my bathroom smells like a field of wild flowers with hints of citrus.

For my linens and living space, I use  baby powder linen and room spray. This set me back by PhP 169, from SM. So for its sweet smell, I say this is a steal.

My favorite is Green Tea. However, when I dropped by SM, they ran out of Green Tea both the diffuser and the room and linen spray, so I settled for the next best thing, baby powder.

So at this time, my room reminds me of a fresh, sunlit dressing room or a toddler's room.

I also have this bottle in my car: Castelbel Lirio

Most of my friends love the delicate stargazer scent in my car. Very feminine.

The bottle description says: "Our mood enhancing sprays refresh any environment and bring the ambience of sun drenched Portugal to your home"

Just like this bouquet.

Some of the great smelling room enhancers are India Hicks diffuser, Terre de Bois candles for relaxing, Figuier, and those from Marks and Spencer and Jo Malone. I personally think Fragrante line that SM carries is a good substitute at a fraction of the cost of the brands mentioned. 

So now I'll sleep with my baby powder-scented pillows.

Ang arte ko lang.

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