Saturday, September 10, 2011

I Can Live Here

One of the things I love doing is dream of my future home. One that I can call my own and one that I can decorate to my own liking. So yes it's natural for me to trade clothes shopping with home-furnishings window shopping. When there's an opportunity to go around hardwares and home depots, I usually happily grab that and dream of ways how to put things I like in my future home.

I like looking at the lamps so I can imagine the lighting I wish to have

I like to check bathroom fixtures

And tiles

Because I imagine my bathroom to be relaxing, in neutral colors, very fresh. 

I can't probably afford a tub. I am good with that. 

Oh yes, the general theme of the house would be clean classic in white/beige/taupe with soft pastel accents

Lots of natural lighting (now where can I get that in Metro Manila... at an affordable price?)

These knobs 

Are perfect for small, light-toned kitchen

The living room would be a small space that is in line with the general motif

Shades of grey would also look good in the chosen palette

Oh yes, the bedroom would look something like this

No bright colors, just muted shade so that I can relax at the end of the day.

I might consider some splash of color, or something like this with salmon pink accents

The good thing about dreaming, your imagination is the limit.

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