Sunday, September 18, 2011

Birthday Report

I am officially a year older.

Hopefully, I am a little bit wiser, lovelier at heart and ageing gracefully. I am not scared of getting old, of growing grey hairs (I find that sexy, especially on men) but I have reservations on getting wrinkles, more on that on later posts. So if I can only have one wish, I wish to age gracefully both inside and out.

So how did my day go?

Person A took me out on a “Hap-Pre-Birthday dinner”- another of one of his geeky ideas.

I kinda think I look a bit haggard in this photo: after not getting much sleep and a day at work. I don’t mind, I’m with the best company.

Person A handed me a small paper bag with this stylus inside

Upon realizing what has been given to me, I was hysterical “Oh, My God!”, “Oh, My God!”, “Oh, may gaaaaahhhhhdddd!”. In an increasing pitch that any choir will never be proud of. The real present was hidden elsewhere. 

I didn’t forget my manners. I said my thank you and gave the benefactor a great big hug – the biggest hug a little girl can give.

The next day, a lovely bouquet was “delivered” at my door.

Ang haba na talaga ng hur (hair) ko!

I dismantled my beautiful bouquet and came up with these arrangements:


And the stalk of stargazers with 5 flowers

Spent the afternoon with the kids, enjoying the fresh provincial air.

Made wacky faces with my parents

Chased five hyperactive boys

With the most handsome wave and the naughtiest eyes

And enjoyed the most succulent lechon, ever. The stringy meat in the belly, flavored with the spices is just heaven.

Forget Cebu lechon, hello Mindanao lechon.

Kinda ironic considering that this is a well-known Muslim area.

I am enjoying a quiet, cool evening in our terrace as I am typing this entry. Tomorrow, I’ll be leaving the simple life and go back to the hustle and bustle of the big city. So while this lasts, I’ll be hooking off the internet and bask in the love of my family, and that includes my mixed-breed dog, Lord Ashley, and my mama’s 2 special dogs, Charles and Louie. I’ll share them with you in my future entries.

Have a great week ahead! -(“,)-*wink*

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