Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sonya's Signature Massage

Person A and I snuck up a quick trip to Tagaytay over the rainy weekend. He was craving for Italian food and he thought of giving me the massage that I had been dreaming for weeks. 

After a short deliberation, we headed to Sonya's Garden. The place is still very relaxing and pretty even with the rain. However, there are now a number of places in Tagaytay which have the same and even better ambiance. 

Sonya's Signature Massage (PhP 785/hour)

It is a combination of Shiatsu and Swedish massage. What I like about it is the intense pressure applied on my spinal column and the masseuse is well-trained with the Swedish stroke. The massage oil used smelled too much of virgin coconut oil (or is it mineral oil?). I prefer something lavender/pine scented. However, there's nothing spectacular about the massage. It's good but nothing great. For its price, I am expecting more. 

Also, they charge an extra PhP 100 for the couple's room. Most massage places don't.

What Person A and I enjoyed though was the hot, dalandan-seasoned tea served after the massage. 

Like no other!

So the search is still on for our favorite massage place in Tagaytay. In Makati, we prefer Blue Water Day Spa. I feel extra relaxed and sleepy after their combination massage (Swedish+Shiatsu) and a fraction lower than the massage we had over the weekend. 

Buck Estate, Alfonso

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