Sunday, June 10, 2012

That Awkward Moment

When you prefer FIBISCO Chocolate Mallows 

Over Ferrero Rocher

I keep a few of my favorite chocolates to satisfy my craving. Last week, I noticed that a box of chocolate mallows lasts a weekend (to be truthful, it only lasts a day) while my rocher stash lasted a month! 

Since I was 5, chocolate mallows have always been a favorite and at 26, I always have a box in the cupboard.  Now, I have 2 boxes because Person A also asks if I have some at home. It's also his favorite. 

I like the texture of marshmallow and biscuit base coated with chocolate. I remember the box then costs PhP 14 as opposed to the PhP 26.50 current price tag. 

I've tried the more refined (and sosyal) versions of this biscuit but nothing beats the efficiency of our good 'ole Fibisco Choco Mallows. Satisfaction is defined as the Happiness and Taste divided by cost. 

Now, I am pitting it with my other favorite, Kinder Bueno. Also from Ferrero.

Ferrero is not my top 1 favorite grocery chocolate. It's Ritter Sport. 

Let's see if choco mallows will win this round.

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