Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Amoroma Ristorante: Still Our Favorite and Best Italian Restaurant

While finishing our meal at Amoroma, I had this conversation with Person A:

Me:           Is this our favorite Italian place?
Person A: Meron pa bang iba?

He's right and I agree. We love that the food tastes so rich, home-cooked and priced just right. Our recent trip to Tagaytay is primarily to enjoy Amoroma food and of course to enjoy some quality time. Yikkkeeee!  

I love the no-nonsense ambiance of the place: its regular lighting and of course the checkered table cloth. 

What did we enjoy on our second trip to Amoroma?


This basket comes free with the grilled pork that we order. It's so soft and tastes creamy and buttery. 

5-Formaggi (PhP 485)

13-in, thin crust pizza with GENEROUS topping of mozzarella, romano (?), gouda (?), fontina (?) and blue cheese. The right mixture to give the right amount of saltiness, creaminess and the taste of old cheese. 

The serving of cheese is so generous that you can see the pointy-end sagging. This is the best cheese pizza we've ever had!

Con Vegetale Risotto (PhP 280)

Mixed vegetables, white wine, extra virgin oil and parmesan cheese.

The texture of risotto is perfect while the flavor is delicate: subtle vegetable salted by the parmesan. This is a winner especially if you're thinking of ordering a flavor meat dish.

Filetto di Maiale (PhP 380)

Grilled pork tenderloin

The pork is grilled medium, still soft with slight lemon-herb flavor. Person A thinks it good but not great. I think it's great. The potato slices on the side is awesome. It's brushed with grilled meat flavor.

Tiramisu (PhP 180)

Espresso-soaked cake with mascarpone cheese. Can you see how sinful this slice is? It tastes as good as it looks. The sponge cake is extra soft while the mascarpone filling gives it milky/buttery/creamy flavor balanced with the bitterness of espresso and unsweetened cocoa powder. 

Again, one of the best tiramisu we've had.

In Summary

1. In terms of taste, price and authenticity, nothing beats Amoroma. The food consistently tastes good, rich and home-cooked that you'll be convinced it's peppered with lots of love.

2. The place is very casual and not intimidating perfect for family gatherings, with friends and even with a date. Just don't ask her to dress up for fine-dining. 

3. Price is medium range, about PhP300 for main course, sufficient for one.

Calamba Road
Tolentino East, Tagaytay

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