Sunday, November 6, 2011

Amoroma Ristorante Italiano: My Favorite Italian Place

While everyone rushed to get out of Manila last long weekend, I spent the 4-day break glued to my bed nursing a cold. It was too long a time to bond with my bed so I snuck a trip to Tagaytay with Person A to get his post-turnaround massage at T-House and try the Italian fare at Amoroma.

This is us before getting a massage.

That week, I suspended my sometimes-no-red-meat diet to aid my immune system and embarked on an Italian food binge which I find it appropriate to end with a meal at Amoroma. Why? Because the foodie community has been raving about this place for its authentic dishes served like no other.

Amoroma didn’t disappoint.

The Place

I don’t consider it a fine dining place. In fact, it’s your regular by-the-roadside-restaurant strategically located a few meters to the right of the Silang-Tagaytay junction.  

The place opens 11 AM to 2PM for lunch and 6PM to 10PM for dinner. So if you’re early, you can opt to sink in the cold Tagaytay air and pacify some angry birds. He's addicted to that game.

And take cheesy shots without knowing your companion is making a funny face. 

You are aptly warned that furry friends are not allowed inside, hence they can stay on the terrace enjoying the cold air some more. 

They have more warmth protection than us, so no worries there.

Inside, checkered tables can seat to about 80 guests and there’s a huge oven where you can view how pizzas are made.

Meal starts with dinner rolls.

Fresh from the oven and served a bit burnt. These taste good and have a nice texture.

Ravioli “Amoroma al Cartoccio” (PhP 340)

Spinach ravioli in cream, gorgonzola, vegetable and brandy sauce

This spinach-filled pasta is extremely good. The pasta is al dente but what sets it apart is the sauce. It’s thick and the saltiness of the aged-cheese with the tang of brandy made it a hit with Person A. I am not big on the dish but I have to agree that this is good. If you like spinach and cheese-salted sauce, then you have to order this.

Risotto Tartufo (PhP 445)

Black truffle mushroom and parmesan

Yes, that’s a slice of black truffle on top of my risotto. The distinct aroma and taste that the truffle renders on the rice dish is awesome. This dish is a winner! Another must try!

Petti di Pollo “Amoroma” (PhP 350)

Chicken breast stuffed with spinach, gorgonzola with gorgonzola sauce.

Noticed something? We were on a spinach and gorgonzola feast! The chicken is nicely done while the cream sauce takes the savory to a different level. It’s so good. What makes it additionally interesting is the aged-cheese after taste from the gorgonzola bits. And the potatoes have that grilled herb taste. No dish failed in our taste meter.

Tiramisu (PhP 155)

We ended our meal with tiramisu and coffee: cappuccino for the lady and latte for the gentleman. We order that all the time. We’re boring.

Another good tiramisu of the classic kind. It is made of espresso-soaked sponge cake with a generous layer of mascarpone.

In Summary

1. Amoroma is one of the best Italian restaurants I’ve tried. The dishes we tried are extremely good, in an authentic kind of way. This will be one of my default Italian restaurant to have a meal or to recommend to friends. Reason enough to drive to Tagaytay.

2. Price is reasonable. It is not as pricey as a fine dining restaurant and the serving size is more than enough for one person.

3. The place is practically for everything: dinner date, friends and family dinner and I fancy throwing a party in this restaurant. It doesn’t have the best interiors but the food will make up for everything. It is closely located to the Tagaytay junction making it very accessible even with heavy Tagaytay traffic.

3575 Calamba Road
Tolentino, East Tagaytay


  1. Pholie MastropietroDecember 13, 2011 at 6:53 PM

    Hi Ms. Sol, Thank you for a very nice blog for Amoroma... I shared it already with my family here in Italy. I hope to see you again and asked for me next time you come... I'll be home before holidays and I can prepare a nice dinner again for you both. Take care and God bless!

    Mrs. Pholie Mastropietro
    Amoroma Ristorante Italiano

  2. Hi Mrs. Pholie, you're welcome. -(",)-*wink* The food is really great, I'll say hi on my next trip to Tagaytay, although that will probably be in January. I'm looking forward to it. -(",)-*wink*



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