Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Winter is Coming: HBO's Clash of Kings

Here's a teaser of HBO's Game of Thrones second season. It is based on Clash of Kings, the second book of GRRM's A Song of Ice and Fire series. 

I am excited.

Winter has come for me. 

First, I waited a few months after AFFC for the July release of ADWD. That's nothing compared to the 6-year wait of other ASOIF fans. I shouldn't complain. Second, ADWD tied a lot of loose ends but it has also created more. 

I can't wait for WOW and DOS!

GRRM, please don't torment me anymore. I can hardly take it.

I apologize for the non-GRRM fans, here's a glossary:

ASOIF - A Song of Ice and Fire
AFFC - A Feast for Crows
ADWD - A Dance with Dragons
WOW - Winds of Winter
DOS - Dreams of Spring
GRRM - George R.R. Martin

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