Sunday, November 27, 2011

Purple-a Conchita

Purple used to be my favorite color. I just got old and boring so I switched to white. In remembrance of my purple-loving days, let me share with you my photo with Grimace. It was taken during Lei's birthday party.

So purple, don't you think?

Grimace was first introduced in 1971 as "Evil Grimace". He used to steal milk shakes and little debbies. In later iterations, evil was dropped from his name and was portrayed as a well-meaning simpleton with clumsy antics. Despite of his wide girth, Grimace took ballet lessons.

That is priceless.

You're so adorable Grimace.


  1. you look cute in the pic sol :)
    the grimace also reminds me of the noodle snack called mamee or something like you know the snack i mean?

  2. Thanks Nora -(",)-*wink* I haven't encountered the mamee snack. Is it purple? Hehe



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