Sunday, November 20, 2011


I paint my toes from time to time, to get out of my boring cubbyhole of wearing thy nails bare. The reason why I rarely paint it is to prevent discoloration. I tend to choose neutral shades and sweet pastels although I do blood red when I am in the mood. 

The color is not me. Ang pangit lang ng paa ko dito.

In my latest trip to the salon, my eyes was hooked to this shade brown/gray.

Essie's Case Study, a rich camel beige shade. 

It's a very safe color, matches with most footwear color.

And a nail polish care tip I go by: Use a base coat before painting with any color to PREVENT DISCOLORATION. Neighborhood salons don't do this ( kwarenta lang naman ang manicure dun), so I suggest you bring your own and have it applied on your nail.

That's my Khaki infatuation for the week.

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