Monday, November 7, 2011

Cry Baby: Makati Med Edition

My posts are starting to get boring. No, I am boring to begin with so let me rephrase that "I am now twice boring". This blog is not a food blog but I love to eat and I am happy to share what I stuff inside my awesome < 90 lbs self so this non-food blog has turned into a food blog wanna be. Anyway, that's not the story I want to tell. I simply want to get out of this boring bubble so let me share a sort-of interesting thing that happened yesterday.

At 8:30 in the morning, I was outside the doctor's office waiting for my 9AM appointment. I am dreading this check up because well this could mean a million things and this could end hundreds of things that I want to do.  Plus I am really scared of my life-long bone deformity. (If I am speaking vague here, I am still not comfortable to share my medical condition so please bear with me. I might share it with you one of these days). 

I actually brought an Islander-wearing chaperone, nakakalamang lang yan ng kaunti sa Spartan at mas matibay yan sa Havaianas, because I need all the emotional support. Plus, Person A has been bugging me to go to the doctor for years... so this is it.

To calm my nerves and document what I feel, I took this photo and minutes later I was called inside the doctor's office.

After I finished my appointment, I approached Person A

Me: I am getting a second opinion. It's generally okay.
Person A: (confused) Why? How did it go?
Me: (Straight-faced) Let's go. Let's have breakfast.

Person A and I walked down the hall and seconds later, I cried. Major CRYola along the hallway - mugto mata, uhog and all. Good thing there was a row of vacant seats where I sat, cried my eyes out, calmed a bit and filled a confused Person A what was going on.

Person A: Bakit ka umiiyak?
Me: Kasi sinabihan ako ng doctor na "Wag kang makulit" 

Para lang akong 7 years old. Nakakahiya. 

I did not cry because of the prognosis. Thankfully, everything is well with me - that's according to the doctor. I cried because of one silly, probably innocent phrase that was uttered by the doctor when we were discussing my condition. He was dead serious when he said that after I gently and cheerfully mentioned to him the result of the test that he requested. The result was different from his interpretation of the data. 

So I cheered myself up with red-meat breakfast at Mercato

ManilaQ's Bagwang = Bagnet + Bawang

Angus Beef Tapa from the Tapa Lady

And later in the day, Kitchen's Best Purple Yam Cake

Again, it's all about me. 

Ako na ang umiyak dahil napagalitan ng doctor. 

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