Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Weekend in Threes

If people say misery (loves company) comes in threes, I say BLESSINGS COME IN THREES as well. My weekend is a testament to that.

ONE. The hot chocolate I enjoyed this morning.

It's made from tablea - minimally-processed cocoa. It's not as good and as thick as what I'd normally enjoy at home but it will do. My bloated face expresses all the satisfaction the warm cup brings.

TWO. The quality time we've enjoyed.

Fridays are reserved exclusively for "us-time" and it's our way of unwinding and catching up. One thing I always look forward to each week. Oh, and we got extra date time as well earlier today. As I always say it, Life is one big date.

THREE. Praising God with Awesome Friends.

Tonight the community welcomed new members and I am excited to start the journey with my beautiful girls. 

Life is beautiful. Especially on weekends. 

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