Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Very Lavender Evening

Take a look at this interesting dessert I had after dinner.

Canelle, from Lemuria. French custard cake flavored with French vanilla and cardamom. What makes it memorable is the ice cream topping. It's not ube, my dears. 

It's lavender ice cream!

Think 7 deg C ice cream and refreshing lavender bursting in your mouth with each spoonful. It's so good that our table of four ordered additional scoops. The restaurant was gracious enough to serve ice cream even if it's not on the menu.

It's always good to ask.

I never knew that lavender has culinary uses. In the Mediterranean region, its nectar is harvested and marketed worldwide as premium honey. The floral and slightly sweet flavor makes it popular for baked goods and desserts, blended with teas and lavender syrup is used to make scones and marshmallows. That would be very interesting. 

To continue my lavender spree, I dropped by Dangwa and bought a bunch of lavender-colored heads on my way home. 

Only a few things make me giddy more than flower shopping in Dangwa at 12 midnight! To explain the rather unusual phenomenon, the only time I drop by Dangwa is when Person A takes me home from Caloocan (where he lives) via the Caloocan-Manila-Makati route. And that usually happens close to midnight. 

Lastly, I am about to curl up in bed lathered in lavender lotion. After the lavender spree, nothing more fitting to end the night than using lavender products for a relaxing sleep.

I am having a very lavender evening, indeed. 

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