Friday, January 27, 2012

The ATM Line




True story.

Taken last December 24 in Dipolog City. One may deduce that the citizens of my little hometown has a lot of money in the bank. However, if you look closely, everyone is hovering over the computer screen! Nababasa nila PIN mo at alam ng lahat ng tao magkano pera mo sa bangko! Also, this is not the crowd you would like to mess up with. If something has gone amiss, rest assured pandemonium can easily erupt from the length of this line.

This is not your ordinary ATM line. I was informed that at least once a month, extremely poor families receive monetary subsidy from the government through the Pantawid Program.  If you are a regular depositor, you better stock up on cash before the money is wired to the Pantawid recipients during the month. All ATMs in the city go through this fate month in and month out.

If you're a toiling corporate employee who honestly pays your exorbitant taxes, here's what I have to say:

Presenting your tax in action!

Personally, i would rather see my money spent on teaching these individuals how to fish or creating the fishing ground where everyone can fish. You can't blame, that is more sustainable and that is written in the Bible.

Just saying.

P.S. First photo grabbed from this site.

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