Sunday, March 13, 2011

So That The Public May Know

I've been blogging on this chair.

No, it did not disintegrate hours ago, it got dilapidated 6 months back!


The chair has served me well for three years. I was given a small amount of money by my mama to buy ref, aircon, and other what nots for my new place. So the most logical thing for a penniless, fresh graduate is to troop to SM and buy a PhP 400 chair.

I've been eyeing Philippe Starck's Louis Ghost chair as a replacement for my SM chair. Why would I want to buy a $300 chair? Made from polycarbonate in the Louis XV style, it is stable, durable, and shock, scratch, weather resistant.

I find it chica.

However, $300 can buy me:

a. a month's rent plus utilities, may extra pa
b. the refrigerator that my mama's been asking from me. Yes $300. Hindi niya pa alam ang Subzero. Not that I can afford it nor will I even buy a Pro 48 Subzero with my own money.
c. Person A's ipod. He won't buy one with his own money.

So, I moved to Daphne's chair.

This I say is one pretty accent piece.

But it's also $300. I was convinced that it's so pretty that I am willing to just buy it then think about what I did later. Pwede ko namang ipamana sa magiging anak ko 10,000 years from now. Plus, it will look gorgeous in one corner of my future house, kahit wala pa akong lupa. Person A knocked some sense into my little head.  That's the end of my Daphne chair story.

So this afternoon, after  months of suffering, I decided to treat my derriere to a new chair.

Meet white chair. It may not be scratch-resistant but it is sturdy, durable and can be considered pretty. I am currently loving it as I type this entry. -(",)-*wink*

Plus, I got it at 50% off at Dimensione!

In Summary:

1. Dimensione has chic furniture pieces at reasonable prices. I bought a few pieces from there and they also carry the Arte Chine line. It's a line of pretty, daily wear china.

2. SM has a Louis Ghost chair knock off at 25% the price of the original one. It's not stable when you sit on it and I doubt if it's scratch resistant.

3. Sitting on plywood for 6 months takes a toll on your derriere.


  1. Why would you ever consider sitting on plywood, I would never know. Unless it adds... ahem.... vertical clearance... ahem.

  2. Hahaha! -(",)-*wink* Dude, if you noticed, the dilapidated chair's base is plywood. And it subtracts vertical clearance. I got a new chair na!

    How have you been Teeeeemmmm? -(",)-*wink*



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