Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Chocolate, Tea or Chuvaness

This will be my first try to go on a 40-day fast for the Lenten season.

To instill in me the value of discipline (not to sin), I was able to narrow my list to top 3 indulgence that would be a challenge to let go. Facebook and water should be on the list but FB is used to contact friends while water is definitely a necessity, hence I am left with 3 choices to abstain from.

1. Chocolate

I have a sweet tooth. Para akong si Vicki Belo, parating may tsokolate sa ref at kailangan makakain ng tsokolate araw-araw. Seriously, I blame my 5 lbs on too much chocolate.

2. Tea
Photo from http://www.cebuwoman.com/

It is not surprising for someone who chugs in at least 3L of water a day to love a cup of tea. Average consumption is 700mL of tea a day. I like it brewed and no, I don't drink powdered iced tea. Loose or in a bag, personal favorite is green then black. I also like teh tarik, Person A's influence. I don't like Earl Grey and I find white tea too delicate that it doesn't impart any flavor to warm water.

I like warm tea with any meal (best paired with fried chicken!),  dessert and even with my bar of chocolate.

Trust me, I really love my tea.

So if you open my bag of pasalubong from Person A, it usually looks like this:

Teas from any local grocery store and some truffles from a trusted chocolatier.

3. Chuvaness

Then there's Chuvaness.

I find her entertaining bordering witty. I may not agree with her personal style but she cracks me up. A little less than the way Tina Tagle makes me laugh but Mrs. Tagle is of epic proportion so, yeah, if I am only allowed to read one blog a day, that's got to be Chuvaness.

My criteria for choosing which among the 3 to abstain from is: the one with the highest chance of success. Meaning, the easier to give up.

Hence, I gave up C-H-O-C-O-L-A-T-E.

I haven't had a bar in 8 days. Woot woot! But it does get tricky. I did not define if I should abstain from anything chocolate-flavored. Nonetheless, I decided not to have anything chocolate-flavored, especially if it's a want (read: dessert and champorado).

While Person A and I were discussing whether I was to have my favorite Dark Mocha frappuccino because of its chocolate content:

Person A: Dapat talaga si Chuvaness na lang f-nast mo

Had I chose that, most likely, I won't make it on the 40th day mark.

But we'll get there.

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