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Carpaccio, The “It’s Hard to Go Wrong” Italian Restaurant

In Italian, carpaccio means thinly-sliced or pounded raw meat or fish served as appetizer.

To me it simply means pure Italian goodness tucked along Yakal St., Makati.

Person A discovered this place. One night 3 years back, he brought me some tube pasta with spinach drenched in cheese. He got curious with an Italian place he passed by. And that started our love affair with the place.

My aunt and a colleague independently discovered this place and they consider it as well on top of their list.

The Place

I consider it a fine-dining restaurant. Great for a quiet night with a date, a personal celebration, catching up with friends and family gatherings minus little kids.  On weeknights, businessmen and couples comprise majority of the diners. Although seeing a group of women enjoying good food is not unusual.

We usually take the table by the window so that we have a good view of Yakal St.


While waiting for you to place your order, freshly-baked dinner rolls are served with butter and pesto, fresh tomato and butter and garlic. 
Bread is warm, soft and fresh and pairs well with the butter.

This is one of their carpaccios which I forgot to take down the name of. It’s definitely beef, tender and not too salty. I get full with a serving of bread so I can usually do away with starters.

Minestrone Classico (PhP 210)
Fresh tomato soup with hint of basil and pesto. It’s not too sour and a great starter to any meal. This can be shared between 2 people though preferably for one.

Cannelloni della Casa (PhP 410)

Pasta tubes filled with spinach, mushroom, and ground meat, served with béchamel sauce, parmesan cheese and roman tomatoes.
This is the pasta that had us at first hello.

It’s good for 2 and can be good for 1 if you want to drown in its awesome goodness.

Risotti Stile Liguria (PhP 520)

Seafood risotto with squid, salmon, prawns, scallops, mussel flavored with Roman tomatoes.

The rice grains are big, cooked just right: not too hard nor too soggy. Seafood is not overpowering and compliments the tomato well. Worth the order next time around although, I might try their Risotti Al Funghi, topped with Porcini mushrooms.

If you prefer seabass, salmon, lamb, Angus beef and chicken they do have that as well.

Tiramisu (PhP200)

Made from mascarpone (I just learned that now while reviewing the menu) with Savioandi coffee, amaretto and coffee liqueur.
This rendition has a creamy consistency and a hint of tangerine. It’s one of the better ones. I am still on the look out for my best tiramisu.


The place has a good selection of wines. I haven’t personally tried it but their fruit shakes are good. I always have water with my dinner. Mas mura. There’s also a lot of choices of bold coffee more often with liqeur. It’s definitely strong.

Person A knows that an invitation to dinner at Carpaccio is one of my weaknesses. I am stingy but I love good food. When I am not dining out, I am good with a can of Century Tuna, fried chicken sa kanto and nilaga sa carinderia. I can only afford to eat out once in a while. Anyway, below are a couple of instances when he invited me to dine out at Carpaccio:

1.     When he dropped by to visit and found me with the lowest self-esteem after sorting out my laundry. Or was I laundering my hand-wash only clothes? Laundering and I have a love-hate relationship.

2.     Just last Monday, I was getting my car washed after work and he dropped by the shop. He asked what I’ll have for dinner, and my usual reply was “salad and bread”. Then he dished out: “How about Carpaccio, we haven’t eaten out in a while?” So I forgot everything and almost asked Kuya Carwash to skip the wax.

I am sharing these instances because Carpaccio is one of my comfort food places, only finer. Maybe Person A is just training me to be domesticated through reward system. Hmmm… that got me thinking. 

Matanong nga.

Just kidding. –(“,)-*wink*

In Summary:

1.     Carpaccio is definitely one of the better Italian places in the metro. It has great food, good ambiance, and excellent service. The price is a bit on the expensive side but it is comparable to restaurant of the same service.

2.     The place is good for dates, dinner with friends, and business meeting. I don’t think you can enjoy the place when you have toddlers with you.

3.     The comfort room is also lovely and clean. And they offer a bag stool for the ladies.

4.     It is located in a building with a Swiss restaurant, Santi’s Deli and a great steak place.

      Carpaccio Ristorante Italiano
7431-C Yakal St.
San Antonio Village

P.S. I apologize for the low quality photos. It doesn't do justice to how yummy the food is. I promise to find the right setting of my camera under low light.

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