Saturday, March 19, 2011

I Don't Think So

I came across this book last night. 

I don't think I agree with the title, at least. Modesty aside:

1. I am usually the designated navigator during road trips. Or is it because I volunteer myself? 

Rachel Berry/Hermione Granger ish dat chu?

2. When we get lost, almost, always I know where the general direction is. I probably got it from my Papa, he's one of the best Orienter-er (?) I know. Not that I know a lot of people who takes part in Orienteering.

3. During my ROTC days, I was the group's navigator during the orienteering exercise. I think our group won. For those who want to know, Orienteering is a family of sports that requires navigational skills using a map and compass to navigate from point to point in diverse and usually unfamiliar terrain, and normally moving at speed. That's according to Wikipedia.

4. Person A (who is a HE) is one of the best listeners I know. He comprehends things really well, too. At hindi rin matigas ang ulo. Malakas ako sa kanya eh! =P

I haven't read the book nor I know what the content is all about but the author might mean other things. 

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