Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Iba na Talaga 'Pag May Sakit at (May Dashing Office Boy)

Last night it was Sonja's cupcakes

Because I was craving for cupcakes last Sunday but was too sick to buy it myself. Malayo sa bahay.

Peanut Butter, Red Velvet, Strawberry and Cream, Choco Cream. 

We're not supposed to meet today because he still needs to drive home from Alabang to Province of Caloocan but since I wasn't feeling all too well, Person A asked me what I want for dinner. Daan daw siya saglit.

I replied "Salad and Bread". I forgot to add that I'll have my usual homemade salad with my olive oil-balsamic vinegar dressing and bakery sa kanto tinapay. I set the table and prepared a few things to shorten the prep time when he arrives.

When he arrived, office boy na office boy ang dating at may dalang paper bag.

Cibo's Insalata del Sole (Greens, sliced oranges, walnuts, anchovies with balsamic vinegar dressing).

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf's blueberry bagel with cream cheese.

Naglevel-up ako ngayong gabi.

P.S. Two days in a row nang nakalong-sleeves ang nagdadala ng aking pagkain. Nakacoveralls lang yan dati. 

As in ganito.

Seriously, thank you. -(",)-*wink*

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