Sunday, March 27, 2011

Frutti Froyo: More Than Your Average Froyo Cup?

Yogurt is a dairy product produced by bacterial fermentation of milk. To make this Turkish treat palatable, milk, syrup and flavoring are added, homogenized then cooled and voila, you got frozen yogurt. It’s more tart and has lower fat than ice cream.

It has taken Manila by storm. Before all the gurts, froz and berry sounding shops sprung up, I already loved BTIC’s non-imposing presence. Among the new yogurt places, personal favorite is Golden Spoon because it has successfully masked the yogurt’s sour taste.

Then there’s  Frutti Froyo. What got my attention is its carefully-styled, colorful shop. It’s hard to pull-off something as colorful as this one. It has a warm inviting feel, great place to stimulate kids and the kids at heart senses.

Notice the chairs. They’re lovely. 

It’s a self-service froyo shop. You get a tub, choose a flavor and pour in the desired amount of yogurt. Available flavors that I can remember are Tart (original), Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry (Fragola), Kiwi, Taro. Similar to Golden Spoon, I also like its distinct yogurt base.

Then add your desired topping. These tubes contain nuts, candied fruits, chocolates, candies and biscuits. Fresh fruits and preserves are also available in one of the counters.

This is the only yogurt shop that I’ve been to which veers away from Hershey’s chocolate syrup. They have a selection of Ghirardelli syrups and La Sauce de Monin premium syrups! At your own disposal, no less.

Don’t be too trigger happy with all the toppings, price is pegged at PhP 18/oz hence order usually ranges between PhP 150-200 per tub, a bit on the expensive side if you compare it with other Froyo shops.

I like my froyo with Kiwi/strawberry, almond, bits of chocolates and dark chocolate syrup. May I say Ghirardelli? Hehehe

After coming up with my concoction, here’s my tub:

Fragola with Kiwi and almond, because I already abstained from chocolates when I ordered this cup.

Person A’s ultimate chocolate tub:

Chocolate-flavored froyo, jelly, cereals, brownies and syrup.

In Summary

1. Frutti froyo has great-tasting, distinct froyo and a wide selection of toppings. The do-it yourself approach hands over control to the customer. And the syrup selection is truly the icing on the cake.

2. Price point slides to the more expensive side relative to other shops. 

3. The shop is a great hang-out place. It has a warm, inviting feel.

Frutti Froyo
Commerce Center,
Commerce Ave, Filinvest

Other locations I heard and seen with Frutti Froyo:
Petron, Edsa cor Pasay Road
Petron Square, Katipunan Ave, La Vista, QC
Trinoma, 3rd Level
Tomas Morato cor Scout Madrinan
University Mall, Taft Ave, Manila

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