Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tiwi's Famous Halo-Halo

When Person A and I were interns in the same company in 2006, he brought halo-halo from Tiwi, Albay. It was the best I've ever tasted. At that time, I was based in the main office and he visited the the work site in Bicol for his internship project. The famous halo-halo flew all the way to Manila in an icebox and I was able to enjoy its awesome goodness in the concrete jungle of Makati.

Fast forward last week, the halo-halo and I met again sans Person A. This time, it was on the halo-halo's turf: Tiwi, Albay. 

DJC halo-halo.

It was an awesome reunion. The ice is flavored with (carabao) milk or to be more accurate about it, cooler is frozen milk! This alone makes the dessert a winner.

The ingredients are very flavorful: generous serving of langka, ube, banana, just enough sago to provide texture and their secret weapon: cheese, lotsa cheese! Notice how milky and creamy the dessert is.

Awesome, like no other!

If you're in Bicol, specifically Tiwi, please try this. Head to the town center, near the church and municipal hall (?), the place should be within the vicinity. Unfortunately, I haven't asked the price since this was served during a meeting I attended. It shouldn't be that expensive. 

I now want one!

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