Saturday, October 27, 2012

Breakfast @ Apartment 1B

To kick-off the long weekend, Person A and I enjoyed leisurely brunch at Apartment 1B, about 2 in the afternoon. That's how lazy we are we roll on non-work days. Good times! I already shared with you how we love Apartment 1B. Food tastes great, ambiance is very relaxed and the restaurant serves comfort food. 

Since it was both our first meal of the day, I started with my favorite breakfast pastry: pancakes!

Pancakes (PhP 380)

3 medium-sized, soft, fluffy pancakes with fruit compote, in this case, strawberry. Define compote. Compote is a dessert originating from 17th century France made of whole or pieces of fruit in sugar syrup. What I like about the pancake is it's not sweet and very fluffy hence it goes well with a generous topping of butter and oozing swimming in syrup. Person A likes his with butter and compote.

Personally, I think this serving is a bit expensive considering the size. 

Egg Breakfast (PhP 390)

2 eggs (scrambled), smoked bacon, home fries and toast. In lieu of the bacon you can have a choice of Canadian ham, English bangers, corned beef.

I like the scrambled egg, it's fluffily and delicately done. Not salty. Bacon is bacon. You can rarely go wrong with bacon. The fries or potato cubes are heavenly. And I haven't tasted the toast. 

We washed down our breakfast with coffee. 

Vittoria coffee is an Australian manufacturer of coffee products. Founded in Sydney in 1947, it is the largest and most well known Australian coffee company. 

Latte (PhP 90)

The coffee is served warm (not piping hot) and has a very delicate, non-strong taste. I like how the barrista prepares the coffee meticulously. The cup has a curious steel handle.

Cappuccino (PhP 90) 

This is one of the better cappuccino. Similar to the latte, it has a delicate taste and it's good even if you don't put sugar in it. I also like that the froth/foam is rightly done.

And because we are still hungry, we had dessert!

Apple Pie (~PhP 200)

I wasn't able to get the price, so I am not sure. This is crumbly and tastes like it has oats. The pie itself is not sweet and heavy so goes well with the vanilla ice cream. It's not to die for but will do for an apple pie.

Tea (PhP 80)

And because dessert pairs well with tea, we washed it down with a pot of Twining's green tea.

And with that, I head off to an English Afternoon Tea Bridal Shower of a friend from SFC. 

Excellent food by Renee, dainty set-up and awesome pieces of advice for the bride-to-be. Good times!

In Summary

1. Apartment 1B's food quality is consistent whether you visit for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Food tastes great, fresh and serving is enough for one person.

2. Breakfast price is mid-range to expensive. 

3. Ambiance is great if you want a very relaxed place to start your day.

Aparatment 1B
Unit 1-B, 132 L.P. Leviste cor Sedeno St.
Salcedo Village, Makati

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