Sunday, February 5, 2012

Twenty Thousand Thank Yous

Early Friday morning, Maybe She's That Girl reached 20,002 views. That translates to 120 views per entry and ~ 51 hits a day. I got supportive friends.

I can't bilibit!

I am ecstatic and grateful! I never imagined that people actually waste their time reading the entries and taking a step more by sharing their comments with me. To everyone who drop by this blog, can I say thank you twenty thousand times? I would love to share the four-cheese pizza and cupcake I had Friday evening to celebrate this special milestone. I forgot the champagne, let's have a bottle once we reach 6-digit views.

Thank you to my ever supportive facebook friends, I see you every time I count the number of views from the Philippines; to Mama for being my number one fan and Person A for being my number one cheerleader. Back in the early days of this blog when I was too lazy to write, I remember you telling me not to let my 4 regular readers down... yes, I should write for my four readers. I apologize for sharing you with the world, I promise to keep my end of the bargain not to share too personal information about you ... or us for that matter.

Speaking of country views, we've gone pretty much around the world but I would like to highlight the readers from Russia, you're pretty consistent along with friends from Singapore, US, Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia, and the UK.

It also surprises me that someone DOES GOOGLE MY NAME from time to time. Hindi po ako 'yan at hindi rin daw po yan si Person A. Stalker-ish as this act may be, you flatter me. Thanks.

Another thing that surprised me, a few individuals google the blog -(",)-*wink* Again, thank you for the gesture.

Honestly, I am so grateful for everyone's support. I still see a long journey of stories and adventures to share with everyone. Let's raise our glass to that. 



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