Sunday, February 12, 2012

You're My Sunday

Inflating balloons and witnessing anything that flies in Clark consumed all the energy I stored up the entire week. The early morning spectacle of blowing up balloons and letting them fly made my heart flutter that we will definitely be coming back next year and hopefully get to experience more.

It's no surprise that once I reached home I just had a quick shower,  curled up in bed and clocked in 10 hours of sleep! Weekend luxury. Like most things this week, I had an off-routine Sunday which is usually "me-day" at home. Instead, I found myself googling for the best pancake in town at 7:30AM. According to an online site, Apartment 1B has one of the best pancakes and waffles but it was closed. 

Good thing UCC Glorietta 3 Park has its doors open for early campers. I started with brewed coffee. 

It's perfect even without sugar and milk. It is strong and has a sweet after taste without the acidic undertone of most blends. Why do Japanese do most things perfectly? Based on my research, Japanese coffee are  getting attention because of the slow-drip process that is employed while brewing, resulting to a unique cup. I say I'll be crossing the street to get mycoffee fix, I love this like I love Cake Club's Winner Caramel coffee! Try it!

Here's the bacon-waffle fix I rolled out of bed for. 

I imagined stacks of pancakes with whipped cream and strawberries but it was not in the menu and I am hungry, so I settled for the next best thing. It made me happy.

Here's the plate from across the table. Spanish omelette (with beef and some veggies) and fresh toast. It's also heavenly.

Yep, I got an early date Sunday morning! A great way to kick off St. Valentine's week. If you ask me, I say everyday has been Valentine's day for me the past 7 years. Yikee! 'Cos I am mushy like that.

With the leisurely breakfast, I leafed through 3 magazines. I always do that while waiting for my food.

We dropped off the grocery to get my detox stash: I ate too much red meat the entire week that I can only eat "dahon-dahon" (read: fruits and veggies) the rest of the day. Our interesting grocery find: grape tomato, jamaican pepper and sweet banana pepper. 

As of 2PM: I've consumed 2 bars of chocolates. Fail.

How did we end our sweet morning? We heard mass together. We were early so I decided to recite my Marian devotion... because Person A raised one of his eyebrows when I said I'll kill time playing Temple Run. Hahaha! 

Running in circles is addicting. That, I can tell you.

I can get used to this. 

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