Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Wedding Inspirations

I am not artsy nor am I artistically creative. I can easily do arithmetic and I kick-ass solving complex logical problems but putting colors, shapes and texture together - that doesn't exist in my brain. Simply put, walang talent. 

However, I love and adore well put together events. Whatever the style is, I want tastefully designed decors. To address the gap for our wedding, I turn to inspiration websites. From color palettes, to concepts and most especially the little details: I love, love, love how creative people can get. I also take note of the suppliers and website who provided the services... and therefore, voila! I don't have to reinvent the will. I just need to know what I want and for certain elements, I steal shamelessly!

Top on my list is

There are no highly-stylized events on this site. Very personal and very intimate. Just our kinda of thing.

This website is a very good resource for every little detail you need. My favorite is they have instructions how to make those cutesy, little decors for your wedding.

Here in the Philippines, we have an awesome wedding website. If I want to refer to up and coming suppliers loaded with talent (read: talent fee is reasonable/para sa mga walang budget) I head to Bride and Breakfast

The site that got my attention recently is Green Wedding Shoes.

I have yet to explore the site in detail but I am loving what I've seen the last week.

These are my daily reads - bedtime reads really. I just pin what I like on Pinterest and use the photos to communicate with my suppliers. 

Easy peasy for us non-artsy brides!

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