Thursday, June 13, 2013

Forever 12

My high school batchmate's post on our Facebook group.

Which I find very hilarious: because I look like I am forever 12! Hahaha! Maybe when I am 50, I'll look like I am 28! Bongga!

It's also not surprising when they used the law of transitivity this way in our Senior year.

"No man is an island
Sol is an island
Therefore, Sol is no man"

Or have spoken to me in binary code, has christened me Mildred (just because) and has created at least two groups (1) The P*me*a Mo*t**o Society (PMS) and (2) J*a* Uy Fans Club (JFC).

Memories of high school... hahaha!

It's always fun to be kids -(",)-*wink*

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