Sunday, July 3, 2011

Will Time Bigtime

Yesterday, I had my first Variety Game Show experience through Wil Time Bigtime and with center, front row seat, no less. Person A played host to an expat friend and that led our group of 4 to TV 5 compound in Novaliches, Quezon City.

Whether you like it or not, the Philippines is a Variety Game Show country, audience lured by unique brand of entertainment with a chance to win quick-fix cash that most minimum wage workers earn in a month. The whole experience gave me a different perspective why people line up for days to get a periphery seat on the studio and do things that border on losing one's dignity to win a wad of cash.


I was amused. Let me just say that in a span of 1 week we covered the whole spectrum of the entertainment scene. 

Will Time Bigtime this week. 

We arrived in the TV5 compound at 3:30 and after some identity checks, we were ushered into the studio. The rest of the crowd who came from all over the country were being organized outside. When I headed to the comfort room while the general public was admitted, there was literally a mob by the studio's entrance that it was impossible for me to get back inside.

15 minutes before the show starts, floor directors and dancers orient the audience on the dance steps and which groups will be focused by the cameras. 

The Show

It's mainly a game show with a bit of entertainment on the side. Arci Munoz, Carla Humphries, and another young, pretty celebrity opened the show with a Lady Gaga medley. In the middle of the show Willie sang a couple of his songs and this two stand up comedian fills in between and provide entertainment during the commercial gap. 

The Hosts

Willie's honest and sometimes brash hosting style is the backbone of the show. This honesty and no pretensions style may be one of the reasons that he connects well with the general public. His generosity to share the goodies from the sponsors is a major plus.

He's complimented by a bunch of 3 pretty ladies who inject the feminine feel and the amplify the energy level of the crowd. 

And lastly, there's Shalani Soledad. I call her the calm of the booming "tantaran-chuchurut-churut" music, the lady who tempers the energy level that reaches the height of Mount Apo and the silence when everyone is bantering. 

It helps as well that she has a pretty face. A really pretty one.

Let's not forget the dancers who have the biggest smile plastered on their faces while doing their body breaking moves in skimpy clothes.

Minsan, mahirap talaga kumita ng pera.

The Games

This is the main draw of the show. The prizes are generous: at least PhP 50 000 and there's even a house and lot plus car package. I honestly had fun watching the games. 

There was family balloon popping, giant pick up sticks

And a quiz show for the guest celebrities.

That's Shalala, Mr. Fu of "May Ganoon?" fame, and Icee Mendoza

And Francine Prieto, Cacai and Frenchi Dy

In Summary

1. Wil Time Bigtime is worth watching if you find games played by the general audience and slight entertainment a good way of unwinding after a hard day at work.

2. Should you want to watch it live, it is best to know someone who can give you reserved seats rather than line up for days outside of the studio. Unless you're a huge fan or you have free time in your hands.

3. I may not watch this again but I am proud to have experienced this once. Being a variety game show nation, I guess it's worth experiencing what everyone is so crazy about.

Wil Time Bigtime
Mondays to Fridays: 6:45 - 9:45
Saturdays: 5:00 - 7:30

P.S. Big thanks to Mr. Bobby B. for securing the prime seats. Also to Ms. Shalani Soledad's staff for attending to us.

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