Monday, July 11, 2011

Mom and Tina's: Vintage Chic Restaurant

I like vintage, floral chic. Case in point, my blog background: pink vintage roses wallpaper. It’s the i-survived-years-yet-I-am-still-pretty feel it exudes that gets my attention. And it always has that warm, inviting feel to it, much like you’re in your Mum’s kitchen waiting for her to serve what she’s stirring in the pot.

So when a restaurant uses vintage floral chic as its theme, it sends a subtle message that I embrace you in and I serve all the home cooking goodness you’ve been craving for.

So this is where we headed to after a couple of hours of table tennis on a Saturday morning. 

The place is well-lighted, spacious and is accented by wooden chairs and floral wallpapers.

It has a mouth-watering display of pastries. Mom and Tina’s is famous for their desserts and pies.

Let me walk you through what we ordered that morning.

Bacon Hashbrown(PhP 215)

Crispy bacon with crunchy hashbrown served with tomato ketchup. It’s well done but not distinct. I think you can have bread instead of rice.

Waffles and Vienna Sausages (PhP ~ 200)

Serving of small waffles, eggs and vienna sausages. Again, it’s good but not spectacular. Something you can whip up in your kitchen. 

Fettucine with Capers and Smoked Salmon (PhP 195)

This one is good. The white sauce and pasta mix well with the salmon. It comes with bread too. The serving is small and good for one person.

Chicken and Mushroom Pie (PhP 45)

This is a solo-sized pie and it’s worth the order . The chicken and mushroom blend well together and don’t overpower each other. This is a teeny-weeny pie.

Choco Mint Shake (PhP 130)

This is a well-blended drink in terms of taste and consistency. Mint renders a fresh taste to the chocolate concoction. It’s refreshing.

Toblerone Walnut Torte (PhP 100)

Most of their desserts are made of frozen cream and this one is no exception. The toblerone is blended into the cream whereas the nut breaks the chilly dessert. This one is also worth coming back for.

Caramel Profiterole (PhP 40)

At the same size as the toblerone torte, this is quite a steal. The thing is the caramel is too sweet. It isn’t your classic profiterole (cream puff) since most of the cream in the caramel is on top of the pastry. A spoonful of this thing is the most I can take: nauumay ako.

In Summary:

1. Mom and Tina’s strength lies in its desserts and pies. The tortes and their English pies are really good and worth coming back for.

2. The place is really pretty. I can imagine hosting a family gathering here, brunch with the special someone, swapping stories with your friends or curling up with a book in one of their couches, of course with a cup of coffee.

3. Price is mid-range relative to Metro Manila restaurants and the serving size is good for one person.

Mom and Tina's
FRDC Building
106 E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue
Pasig City

Mom and Tina's Makati
G/F Unit 104
Tropical Palms Condominum
Dela Rosa St., Legaspi Village
Makati City

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