Friday, January 31, 2014

Jasmine Mendiola: "Lakas Maka-Fresh" Bridal Make Up

The best piece of advice I got on bridal make-up was the Kate Middleton philosophy: "The reason why Duchess Kate opted to do her own make up on her wedding day so she will achieve that "natural look" that her husband will see her in everyday."

I couldn't agree more with the Duchess. On my big day, I want to look like my everyday self: maybe a little prettier. More so, I have the face of an 11 year-old (naks!), thus wearing make up doesn't really suit me. Also, I believe most people are prettier with no make up on. Hence, when I was searching for the perfect make-up artist, I knew I wanted the "fresh, dewy, just woke-up-looking-like-this" look. 

However, I never achieved this look every time I have my make up done. Ever. Make up artists tend to pile on the products and either I get dramatic eyes, redder-than-red lips, matte skin tone or overly done blush. 

Thus enter Jasmine Mendiola - I say the best there is in dewy, fresh make -up or as I'd like to call it "lakas maka-fresh look". 


If this kind of make up is your cup of tea, here are some of the reasons why Jasmine Mendiola is the real deal.

1. She enhances your looks and do not change any of your features. Her philosophy is not to pile on products; thus to achieve my look she studied my natural coloring and settled on: (a) no eyeliner to retain the youthful feel but she glued on light, feathery false eyelashes to open up my eyes (b) eyeshadow used were of earth colors (c) extra light foundation for dewy skin tone (d) blush on color is my natural cheek tint which is pink (e) and peach lipstick to retain my lip color.  

2. She entertains you. Apart from listening to her client's requests, she regals you with personal stories, play her own playlist for your wedding and she's just so fun to have on your wedding day. 

3. She's a pro in handling the business side of the deal. She promptly replies to inquiries, works around your schedule and tries to give you the best hairstylist that suits your preference. Hairstyle is by Elaine Ganuelas. She's also great.

4. She doesn't do "before" and "after" photo. I also think it's doing dis-service to your client. 

Here are a few tips I'd like to share to brides on how to look your best on your wedding day:

1. Always have a trial make up session. The reason why I ended up with Jasmine Mendiola was the trial make up session I had with another MUA did not match with the look I wanted to achieve. This was my trial make up look with Jasmine: "parang walang make up lang."

Also, don't forget to bring a friend along so she can give you her opinion on the make up. I also met up with the then-fiance so I can gauge the level of satisfaction of my primary customer.

2. Hydrate and nourish your skin everyday. If you have great skin quality, you're already a step ahead of the game on looking your best on the day of your wedding. Drink lotsa water, have ample sleep, protect yourself from the sun, clean your face, use moisturizer and eat healthy. 

3. Have a happy disposition. No amount of make up can hide stress, anxiety and discontent. If you're happy your eyes twinkle and everyone looks more beautiful smiling. 

So if you are still thinking about it, yes, Jasmine Mendiola is the real deal.

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