Saturday, September 28, 2013

I Don't Believe in Make-Up: Avene Light Hydrating Cream SPF 20

Woohoo! I am baaaccckkkk.... albeit intermittently but we'll have to work around the number of things that's happening all around and I have decided to talk about skin care. Tons of things interest me but I have to say making the skin healthy and moisturized is high up on the list.

I am a loyal Shiseido and Kiehls' girl but I do like to discover new products that can work wonders on my skin. Dermatologists have been recommending Avene products to their patients for ages. I do remember 10 years ago that my mom's dermatologist prescribed Avene ultra rich moisturizer for her almost 50-year-old face for maximum moisturization. Specializing on sensitive skin, all Avene products contain Avene Thermal Spring Water which is very low mineralised, rich in silica and trace elements and clinically proven to soothe, prevents irritation and has anti-free radical properties.

This water is from the South of France - Saint Odile specifically and has been known to treat horses which suffer from intense skin eruption. If it can treat horse skin diseases, some sage found a way to make it work best for humans. My personal take is if it's good for sensitive skin, it's generally good for everyone!

The last 4 months, I've been applying Avene Hydrance Optimale Light Hydrating Cream with SPF 20 in the morning.

According to Avene, it maintains and restores skin's hydration. Gentle, light texture and penetrates quickly while absorbing excess oil, leaving skin with a matte finish. Of course, it contains the spring water which soothes and softens skin.

I personally think this is a winner. It indeed makes my skin soft, even-toned, highly moisturized. No skin problems at all. Also, it is the lightest moisturizer I've tried - not oily and you can even go out without loose powder on.

This is my skin without any product on - not even powder. 

Pardon the puffy, bagong gising look but do focus on the skin quality - not bad at all.

This is me sweaty and all - after yoga. No product on - to be clear, the only product I put on is toner, moisturizer and loose powder.

I don't get the rosy cheeks look naturally (Shiseido has that effect on me) but I'll put this next to Shiseido. Will use this product in rotation with my other favorites.

At PhP 1800 for 40mL bottle, it's a bit expensive but for great skin and without the worry to buy make up, I think it's worth the buy. The Hydrance Optimale line has 4 variants of this cream: for dehydrated skin, for oil skin and for hyper-sensitive skin. The one I got is for normal - combination skin.

You can get this in the Philippines from Mercury Drug Store or from most dermatologists.

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  1. Your skin looks great! Parang better ang skin mo now vs your Shiseido photos :) Now I want to try your regimen! What's the order of putting products when you use both Avene and Shiseido? Thanks! Vicky



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