Sunday, January 9, 2011

His and Hers

 Because I am so small and he's a bit tall, this is our his and hers

Since we're also cheesy, we had matching outfits (and watches) last Christmas 

And wore matching shirts this afternoon 

We also commemorated our first Disney trip together with our official travel watches

Told ya, we're really cheesy.


  1. hi! hope you don't mind but where did you get your shoes and the pair you're wearing in the entry of the scottish boy? i'm 4'10 with a 5'10 boyfriend, so i need all the help i can get, haha!

  2. Hi! -(",)-*wink* Thanks for appreciating my shoes! The pair in this entry is Schutz, a Brazilian brand available in Tyler (Power Plant/Glorietta 4/Shangri-la Mall). The black one in the "Scottish Boy" entry is Charles David, the brand has shops in (Rustan's, Shangri-la and Greenbelt 3). Heels are not my staple, I only wear them when I wanna feel great ... flats are more comfortable -(",)-*wink* Anyway, those 2 brands have great style (both flats and heels)... Franco Sarto is another favorite, too. Have fun shoe shopping.

  3. thanks! :) franco sarto is okay, i have a pair with stacked fat heels. i can last the whole day but feet are dead by night, hahaha. can you believe singapore doesn't have the two brands you mentioned? neither do they have: stella luna, kenneth cole, and aerosole. sorry for griping! manila is better for shoe shopping, or i haven't discovered yet where to shop, hehehe.

  4. hahaha! My Franco Sarto pair works fine... well, it's wedges, so it's a bit comfortable. No worries about those two brands, you have brands in SG that are not available here! There's always online shopping.

    Do let me know of your shoe finds -(",)-*wink*



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