Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Islang Bakal

Summer is here and I had the chance to spend a few days with the sun, sea and .... steel, lots of steel. 

If you're an engineer, you can easily relate to the excitement I felt upon setting foot on the facility. On top of the geeky processes that's happening on site, I've heard countless stories from Person A long before I became personally involved. Hence the excitement and happiness. 

The ride is not your regular commute, too!

If you are curious on what life is like on Islang Bakal and how important this facility is to our economy, watch this I-Witness documentary aired 2 weeks ago on GMA 7. 

The video is linked to GMA Public Affairs youtube channel.

Kudos and a gazillion high fives to the people who keep this facility safely running. Thank you for supporting the energy needs of the industries, for keeping me from getting baked in this summer heat and for making our lives comfortable. 

Para sa bayan, para sa pamilya!

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