Thursday, December 4, 2014

How to Jackie Chan A Doggy Situation

Two nights ago the husband came home to this scene.

My dog, which is the size of a week-old calf, stuck his head in the gate and obviously doesn't know how to extract himself from the steel contraption. Surprisingly, he kept himself calm for 3 hours! and not a whine nor a whimper came out from his doggy mouth.

That's my boy!

He loves to peer through this slot to people-watch and say hi to his adoring public. Three months back (when he was the size of a regular puppy) his body got stuck in the same slot but was able to wangle his own way out. However, in this case no amount of yogurt (his favorite snack) and watering the plant (his favorite activity) prodded him to self-remove his furry body from the gate. Ininggit namin siya ni Inday, lumingon lang siya na parang may stiff neck. Our innovative househelp also tried bathing his neck to reduce the volume of his fur, but to no avail. 

Sumasabit yung panga nya - hindi kasya. 

Thus, my husband did a Jackie Chan: soaked a cloth in water, used wood as a lever and et voila bent one of the steel bars. In the absence of a crowbar he remembered a scene from a JC film that the actor used a wet cloth and wood to widen the gap of the steel bars and get out of jail.

Okay kids, Jackie Chan films can bail you out of a life and death situation - at least for Rocco.

And how do you manage stress the Rocco way after that ordeal? Plop your fat ass on the floor and gobble your food.

"Hay, Rocco-toy" In the wise words of Person A"Ganito ba katalino ang aso na 'to at naipasok nya ung malaking ulo nya sa gate?"

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